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Children’s feelings are often intense. They can be quickly taken over by feelings of excitement, frustration, fear or joy.

When feelings take over children’s behavior, they tend to act inappropriately. Emotional education has taken a back seat in school curriculums and sometimes even in the home of the children.  


Creating an interactive device that helps educate children on what feelings are and encourages children to talk about and manage their feelings in a healthy manner.

Introducing Emoto

Emotion + photo(light) = Emoto

This interactive device facilitates dialogue about feelings and emotions between a child and their classmates, teachers, or parents.

Being able to express your emotions visually and with a simple push of the button encourages children to put themselves out there. Making themselves vulnerable is the first barrier to emotional development and the Emoto helps with crossing that barrier.  


User Feedback


Understanding that all sorts of feelings are normal, that they can be named, and that there are ways of handling them are the first things children need to learn about feelings. Understanding that feelings affect behavior, and being able to recognize how this happens are important steps for learning to manage feelings.

The home and school are ideal spaces for children to learn how to recognize and manage feelings, and the Emoto can aid in getting the conversation going .

Team Dynamic

We all came together and came up with the idea of somehow conveying emotions and feelings with color. 

On our own, we researched how color could impact the development of emotional intelligence and the importance of said development. 

Aaron W. and I, with a lot of support from Jenny and Laura, built a physical prototype of Emoto. 



Jenny Chau, Experience Designer

Aaron Mayor (me), Experience Designer

Laura Strukl, Experience Designer

Aaron Wachsstock, Experience Designer

Tools Used

  • Arduino Uno

  • One Sheeld

  • One Sheeld companion app

  • Multi-colored LED ring light